Sunday, December 21, 2008

Hallard Chunk

From Brent Hallard...

Didn't think I had anything for you, for your color chunks and then I remembered prompted by Pat's posted chunk four years ago I bought my first cell phone with a camera in it and took a bunch of useless images. They all had something to do with daily chores; a place I had to go every day; a barrier that I would be confronted with -- traffic signals, or waiting for the train to pass; a bus whizzing past, rubble, a plant across the road, and I would shoot. Not very interesting, of course, but it became a habit that I followed. It struck me that what I was doing with this then new little toy, and as especially as I'm one of the world's worst photographers, was paying more attention. With the help of the camera/telephone strange things started to pull together, patterns arose, the drum was heard not for its incessant dulling beat, but for the variations upon the timbre on the fabric of experience. All this, simply by paying greater attention to what usually gets filed under ‘forget’. So, if you could choose an image which suits you as a color chunk organizer that would sort of complete this little note, bringing the events of the past right up to the present, which will then fall back into a new past.

And here's a link to one particular focus back then over a number of days. it stopped just as it started, just as everything seems to do, patterns build to then fall away.

Strange universe we have crawled into.

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