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Ranger, N.C.

From The Studio

From The Studio

The Flea Market: Ranger, N.C.

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Last week Guido Winkler sent me an entry for Artist's On Words. I was sending him an email saying basically, "It's great but sorry the project's over...". And then I stopped in the middle of typing and thought--What am I doing? My "ending" of the "project" seemed arbitrary and forced(from 10/6/08). If people were still sending me stuff, why not keep publishing it? What's the big deal? So, therefore, Artist's On Words will continue. It's good for everyone. And, check out Guido Winkler's posts below.

Guido Winkler: Transition II

70 cm x 90 cm pigment piezoprint

Guido Winkler: Transition

Transition was the title of a show that was held in Le Petit Port, at the end of 2006. The show marked the upcoming influence of the computer and digital print in my work.Transitions referred to the character of that exhibition which was in fact a work in progress itself. Very much like the continuing process of creating art. I made my work on the spot.Since 1998, I work with terms like wonder, knowledge and perception through common preoccupations about time and space. Transitions also refers to the bridges, gates, viaducts, staircases, windows, holes, etc. which have been used as starting point in my work. In Le Petit Port, through induction and deduction I created most of the work directly from the surroundings of the gallery. Transitions also refers to the transcendental moment of the making of an artwork. From reality to a new reality.

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Gloves and Tape

Blue Ring

White Stack

Thanks for Artists On Words

Thanks to everyone who participated in and checked out Artists On Words.

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