Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lost Work: Weathersby Edition

This tragic tale of family mobility and Acts of God from Ken Weathersby:

Hey John--

A lost art story and image:

This painting is from about 1985.

Last saw it hanging at my family's house on the gulf coast in the early '90's. Shortly afterward they moved into a different house. When I looked for the painting in the new place I never found it-- I suspect it remained packed away in a box somewhere. That new house was destroyed by hurricane Katrina in 2005, so I know the painting's gone for good.

From the Lost Work Archives V

vinyl, light fixture. given, partially lost.

From the Lost Work Archives IV

acrylic on wood. threw away(mold infestation).

From the Lost Work Archives III

acrylic on plaster. paint fell off and thrown away.

From the Lost Work Archives II

urethane foam, pigment. lost.

From the Lost Work Archives I

resin and styrofoam, threw away.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Therely Bare

An exhibition featuring the work of:

Kate Beck
Jeffrey Cortland Jones
Alan Ebnother
Kevin Finklea
Michael Paul Oman-Reagan
Lorri Ott
Leopoldine Roux
Clary Stolte
Lars Strandh
Richard Van Der Aa
Iemke Van Dijk
Ken Weathersby
Guido Winkler
Lain York

Will be on:

AVA Chattanooga, TN: Jan. 2011
Zeitgeist Nashville, TN: March 2011
Kent State University, OH: 2011-2012

More Details to come...