Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Therely Bare

An exhibition featuring the work of:

Kate Beck
Jeffrey Cortland Jones
Alan Ebnother
Kevin Finklea
Michael Paul Oman-Reagan
Lorri Ott
Leopoldine Roux
Clary Stolte
Lars Strandh
Richard Van Der Aa
Iemke Van Dijk
Ken Weathersby
Guido Winkler
Lain York

Will be on:

AVA Chattanooga, TN: Jan. 2011
Zeitgeist Nashville, TN: March 2011
Kent State University, OH: 2011-2012

More Details to come...

1 comment:

Paul Behnke said...

I'd love to see this show---especially your and Kevin's work in Nashville.
Good luck with the show!