Saturday, December 06, 2008

Color Chunks: Open Call

I'd like to announce the first Color Chunks: Open Call. Previously people would send in their Color Chunks here and there and I would post them here and there. But I hesitated making an "Open Call", fearing some Chunks people would send in might not be Chunk-worthy. And I didn't get into a selection thing where I'd accept some people's Chunks but not others. We have enough of that b**l sh** in our business anyway, don't we?

But now I've decided with a few guidelines it could be fun. I'm curious to see how people interpret what "Color Chunk" could mean.

So here are the guidelines. Let's start the madness.

1. Must be jpg. form.
2. Must not be your artwork, but 'source material' is okay.
3. Must not be somebody else's artwork(including design).
4. Must not be somebody's photo where they try to make it art.
5. Nothing from fckr(see above), unless taken yourself.

Basically, "Chunks" is an alternative to the word "Piece" in mindset and philosophy. As in..."I created this particular 'piece' during my 'Summer in Tuscany Period'. There is an artlessness to Chunks, a spontaneity, a happy accident, a stumble upon quality. Frequently, the more ambiguous the image or object, the better. Color is what is known and where you can hang the meaning.

So, send in your Chunks: and we'll see what happens.

Deadline: Open

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