Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"new work"

urethane on mdf, standard picture size.
****clicking on the image will make it larger****


Stephanie Clayton said...

Monochrome painting is something that speaks to me, an artist frequently working in monochromes. So I feel a pleasant connection with this piece.
I'm intrigued by the media and support, not being familiar with mdf.
The physicality of this painting is quite simple yet monumental.

* said...

That's a beauty.

I also like the description, "standard picture size".

No, I actually love that, and wish I'd thought of it first.

John Tallman said...


mdf=medium density fiber board, wood composite, resin, etc, an upgrade from chipboard. It's what I'm using now. I don't know if it's best. I like the smooth surface and no grain. Would love to get some BVI chunks from you!


Yes, you know what I mean, right? All this picturing, painting stuff is an understanding. There are certain "conventions" "we accept". Or as in the case of yourself and your work, so smartly reject.

LXV said...


John, do you cradle your panels? How thick is the board?

YHBHS said...

wow! great site.....

just stumbled upon your beautiful blog.

all the best!
david john
los angeles

Katarina said...

Wow, nice...:-)

Kind regards,

John Tallman said...


Dwayne Butcher said...

looks great!!

IS-projects said...

This is a good one, John!