Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ed Angell On Repetition

For as long as I've enjoyed art, the work of Robert Ryman and Agnes Martin have captivated me. Ryman with the color white and Martin with her graphite line have taken Repetition to new levels. As an artist, I've often thought how deftly both these artists use a repetitious theme is their work, to great advantage. As many times as I've viewed both artists works, they never seem to get old or stale and I've always wondered why.

As my own work has matured over time, I find that I too am caught up in Repetition. While subtle, I've begun to notice how important adjacent elements in my work have become. Whether adjacent edges in a singular painting or the color cast that happens between the elements of my diptych's, I'm starting to realize that Repetition is the ultimate quest for the perfect answer.

I sincerely hope there is no perfect answer, I would hate to stop searching.

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