Friday, October 05, 2007

"That's why they dislike the living process of life: there's no need for the living soul! The living soul will demand life, the living soul won't listen to mechanics, the living soul is suspicious, the living soul is retrograde! While here, though there may be a whiff of carrion, and it may all be made of rubber--still it's not alive, still it has no will, still it's slavish, it won't rebel! And it turns out in the end that they've reduced everything to mere brickwork and the layout of corridors and rooms in a phalanstery! The phalanstery may be all ready, but your nature isn't ready for phalanstery, it wants life, it hasn't yet completed the life process yet, it's too soon for the cemetery! You can't overlap nature with logics alone! Logic will presuppose three cases when there are a million of them! Cut away the whole million, and reduce everything to the one question of comfort! The easiest solution to the problem! Enticingly clear, and there's no need to think! Above all there's no need to think! The whole of life's misery can fit on two printed pages!"

Razumikhin in Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment.

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