Monday, May 18, 2009


from Agnes de Bethune.
A person finds something interesting.
They frame it.
It becomes interesting to us.
We empathize.


* said...

It can remind us of having seen the same thing (or something similar) ourselves, which was perhaps never noted or acknowledged.

It thus can retroactively bring to the surface and fulfill our otherwise lost aesthetic experiences from the past.


Lady Xoc said...

John, Nice pictures, if I say so myself. A lot of yellow and orange recently tho'. We'll have to do something about that. But I promise I won't slam you again. I was just being overly enthusiastic.

And Ken, yes. I walked down those subway stairs a million times, and couldn't figure out why I loved them, until the day I had a camera hanging from my wrist. The available light was too low to avoid motion blur (no tripod), but in a way, I kind of like the double edge thing going on. So many hands wearing down those paint layers!

John Tallman said...

I didn't even know what they were photos of. That's why I called it "chipped"...describing the state of the object/surface rather than the object itself. Now I like the images even more.