Sunday, November 30, 2008

Libby's Comment

Libby Rosof of Philly Art Blog responded to the "Toxic, Boring, Inhumane" Post and I thought the comment deserved a post of its own:
Hi, John, this is quite amazing. I love both the comment and the response. I did stop by to take a look. My daughter and son-in-law, who were with me, looked and said, Huh?! Then we all talked about it a little, me less than both of them. I was mostly interested in hearing what their response was, the two of them being somewhat interested but not rabidly interested in contemporary art. They didn't reject the work. They were just a little mystified by how to respond. But we talked about it, about what the process probably was, about the colors, about what the substrate was. We laughed at the purported materials the title suggests. And then we downed some lattes and headed for the door. I consider that a fair amount of entertainment for an art work! Besides, the paintings (objects) are still entertaining me in my mind's eye!!! They are gloriously unresolved there.


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