Monday, October 06, 2008

Thanks for Artists On Words

Thanks to everyone who participated in and checked out Artists On Words.

Next up will be something else.

Please stay tuned...


Kate Beck said...

Thanks for putting this project together, John. I have enjoyed hearing other's perspectives and being introduced to some artists/work previously unknown to me.
I am also inspired to explore my own work more fully through language; word. I now write in a journal first thing -- these early thoughts and words are surprisingly relevant to my work/issues.


John Tallman said...

In coming up with this project, I was interested in that initial language we use to describe our work. Like you indicated--journal-like. Often in classic "Artist's Statements" a lot gets crafted out.
Everyone knows how our current culture crushes real language into "soundbites" and "slogans". I think artists when talking about their work can fall into that trap. Nobody thinks about their work in slogans. But thats how it often comes out.

* said...

I have phases when I write and write about my painting, but if I know a text will be published it tends to get whittled down to nothing or close to it. The thought in "Effect vs. Actual" escaped that fate on colorchunks. Thanks!

I'll be watching for what comes next.

Ken Weathersby